Favorite Metroid Memories

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Favorite Metroid Memories

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Since this year makes 35 years since the original Metroid for NES, figured I'd try a poll-ish type question. Over the years Metroid had a number of releases on various platforms and a number of hiatuses (N64 was the first hiatus as Nintendo didn't know what to make post-Super Metroid and Metroid: Other M bombing caused the second hiatus), but this thread only wants to know: What's your favorite Metroid moments from across the years, even from the weaker entries in the franchise?

My start into Metroid didn't really begin until Super Metroid itself. A game that was built to be vaster than the original NES Metroid and Metroid II on GB. It was just so fun to explore where my abilities could take me (and later learning some sequence breaking tricks like early Wave Beam). It would be awhile due to the N64 hiatus, but the only other game that would give me the same feeling of exploration would be the first Metroid Prime on GameCube. It took everything Super did and made it work in 3D. Sadly the ending requirement was changed from speedrunning to item collecting, but you could still do both if you wish.

Also sadly that was the last Metroid that I would say I loved. Later Metroids had their cool moments, but I wasn't enthused to replay those over and over like I did Super and Prime 1. I still need to play Samus Returns on 3DS though (too busy with Left 4 Dead 2). <.<
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