Nintendo Financials (May 10th, 2022)

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Nintendo Financials (May 10th, 2022)

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It's that time again. Nintendo has released their latest financials. Since the original source is a PDF file, I have to compile the news from sites that break up the news for ad views (GoNintendo is not the only place that does it).

If you want to see the hardware, software, financials, and the projections, you can view those here: ... llion-sold

Of note Switch has 107 million in sales. Also as of the end of Nintendo’s FY 2022, the Switch achieved 235.07 million units of software sold. This software figure is so big that it’s now the highest annual software sales figure ever posted for a Nintendo platform to date.

With a new report comes an updated million sellers list: ... llers-list

This list hasn't changed much since last time, but you can look at the upcoming game release schedule: ... e-calendar

Metroid Dread is now the best selling Metroid game...EVER! - ... -game-ever

Dread is just shy of 3 million units. The previous best selling Metroid game was Metroid Prime at 2.84 million units.

We're now waiting for the Investor Q/A would should give some rare info, but usually would have nothing new or inane crap investors want.
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