Why There Continues to be no Modern F-Zero

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Why There Continues to be no Modern F-Zero

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https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/ ... ed_it_down

Nintendo has had a long history about being stingy with their IP, rarely allowing outside (note 3rd party) studios to work with their IP. One of several IP that has yet to escape the Nintendo vaults with new entries or even remakes is F-Zero.

Giles Goddard, formerly with Nintendo and now at Vitei, has stated the team at Vitei have pitched a new F-Zero idea to Nintendo only for Nintendo to decline the idea. Previously Shigeru Miyamoto was on record stating the reason there have been no new F-Zero games is that he has writer's block with the series (and Mario Kart 8 would take over most of F-Zero's mechanics with anti-gravity and 200cc added to 8).

Giles would later state Nintendo's reasoning for declining the Vitei F-Zero pitch was Nintendo was leary in using IP from the vault since it consumes a lot of Nintendo's resources to work with an old, vaulted IP and prefer developers to make new IP with new ideas. And even if Nintendo were willing to take on an idea for an old IP, they'd also establish red tape in that the idea pitcher gets caught in Morton's Fork in that whatever resources a developer would need after pitching an idea to Nintendo will never be enough.

Giles says Nintendo would tell him he needs more money and when Giles would say he has the money, Nintendo would say Giles needs more people. Cue the Morton's Fork that makes discussions break down and stop. Nintendo has had some IP flop at the market so I can understand why would be leery, but there have been plenty of old IP revived that weren't money makers that were revived with remakes. Why couldn't Nintendo just remake one of the older F-Zeros and give it something to separate it from Mario Kart 8?
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Re: Why There Continues to be no Modern F-Zero

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I think F-Zero needs to branch out into a new genre, with racing being the 'main event' so to speak.

Think: An open-world RPG starring Captain Falcon as the protagonist with gameplay similar to The Witcher. Yes, we're making F-Zero serious. As Captain Falcon, you move around betwen open-world locations talking to people, solving problems(with multiple outcomes) and catching wanted criminals for bounty money.

Each open-world location has a different race track that you can race on for money and fame. Doing well in races opens up more RPG opportunities like sidequests. There could even be a whole storyline with the drama behind the scenes at the racetrack. This section of the game deserves the most love and attention. Seriously, they cannot afford to make the racing sub-par. The other parts of the game also must not feel like padding between racing.

F-Zero could be Nintendo's Cyberpunk, but with an over-the-top cartoony style that would serve to add character to the game(in contrast to Cyberpunk 2077's overall bland feel).
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