Nintendo Financials (8/5/2021)

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Nintendo Financials (8/5/2021)

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Rather than flood Discord with several links, I'll just recap the news here and you can view Nintendo's details for August 2021 at the link above.

1) Switch hardware sales are down year-to-year from this point last year, but it has crossed 89 million in sales to date. Sales are only down this year because Nintendo had no killer app for the beginning of 2021. It's also expected for sales to drop because of the easing of coronavirus restrictions that have people out and about again instead of being at home.

2) Mario Golf: Super Rush (Switch) has become the second best selling Mario Golf title in just five days at retail. 1.3 million copies have sold as of the end of June 2021.

3) Thanks to record Switch profits, Nintendo is buying back up to $900 million of its shares.

4) NEW Pokemon Snap has sold 2 million copies outside Japan (The Pokemon Company has to be the one to publish the Japanese numbers later since they self-published NEW Snap in Japan instead of NCL).

5) On the mobile front, Pokemon GO has kept Nintendo's mobile business steady. Even though Nintendo has no direct involvement in GO, they do get royalties which has kept the mobile business steady.

The next update should be another Investor Q&A I think.
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